The Acoustic Revolution

How the acoustic guitar is making a big comeback in popular music

Future Energy

The search for sustainable alternative power sources

What is Permaculture?

How to live in harmony with the cycles and patterns of nature

Functional Pottery

Putting art in people's hands

It's a Bird, It's a Plane... It's a Superfood?

How some of nature's best creations can help you through your day

Waimea Dreamin'

So I decided today that I am going to start posting on my blog again. I have been building and active following on Instagram with motivational posts and photography and have been wanting to say much more on my posts.. which leads me back to this project which I started years ago. It is time to resurrect Spirit - Tech Solutions as I have had a vision for it's potential usefulness to all spiritual seekers of this age. I look forward to connecting with any and all people of all backgrounds who bring a foundation of love and respect to the table. This is going to be fun. Here's to the human race and it's self-discovery of enlightening spiritual evolution! One Love and Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii :)

Passion Focus: Following our Dreams

   Sometimes in life we need not be afraid to change our road map.  Life is all about exploring our options and finding what fits us best. Not only what fits our needs as human beings... but what fits our innermost desires and passions.  My life has been one of those kind of journeys. Having explored many options and many different types of activities (including athletics, Yoga, art, music, travel, leisure, and education) and many types of jobs (mostly within the hospitality industry), I have learned a thing or two about myself. Through every type of activity I have explored, I have learned something which makes me a more complete person... but also I've learned some things that I'm not.

   This life is a precious gift we have received... and we need to make the most of our time on this planet. When we learn those things that we are not, sometimes it can push us closer and closer to our goal.  For many years I have struggled with the idea of returning to college and finishing up a degree, thinking that somehow it will help me to achieve success.  I did just that: went back to school to attempt to study computer science because I love working with computers and I also love designing things like web pages and site templates.  At first it was really fun and interesting and it took my learning about computers to a whole new level.  But eventually, it started to dawn on me.  I'm 38 now, and there are so many computer geeks out there who have been studying all of their lives. I was feeling behind and a bit frustrated. But also, something deep within me yearned for expression.

    I have been an artist and musician for all of my life. Since I can remember, my Mom used to get mad at me often for spending every last penny on records, tapes, then cd's.  I would sit in my room for hours and hours and just listen to the sweet, sweet sounds coming through my stereo. Music brings me peace, and music also brings me life.  The life of an artist is what I was always destined for. Nothing about me fits a mold of any kind.

    It wasn't until I was 17 that I first attempted to play guitar. A friend of mine let me borrow his and I went to the library and picked up a book on chords and sat diligently learning them and would be so happy and proud if I could even make anything that would resemble a beautiful chord or sound.  I spent about 20 years after that honing my skill and have learned many styles of guitar including Flamenco, Blues, Hawaiian Slack-Key, Classical, Surf, Reggae, Fingerstyle, etc.   For many years I traveled around, mostly between the Hawaiian Islands and California. I spent lots of time in the water as I am an avid bodyboarder. I tried to keep music as my hobby so it wouldn't be influenced by any type of popular culture for the most part. I could just keep it my own and work on it in my spare time.

    That seemed like a great idea and has worked for me thus far as I have nurtured my talent and have kept growing.... but the problem lies here: Having too many goals and interests... I had limited myself for so long.
  My music suffered as a result. I should be much further along in my studies and I should be using what I am most gifted at.  Listen here I'm not trying to toot my own horn...but sometimes we just know when we have been given a talent and it is our job to nurture that talent and make it grow.  For some reason I always think of the biblical parable about 'talents'.... which we are often taught that they are money... but I see them as our God-given gifts and strengths... those that we nurture like a plant or a tree.  One man went and buried his... and another went and invested them. When the master who had given them those talents returned.... he was saddened to see that one of the men misunderstood and wasted his talents. On the other hand... the other man invested his, and had received a significant return on his investment, so he was given more.  That is in essence, is how I see life. We must invest in our talents. We must invest in ourselves, and capitalize on our strengths. It is also by utilizing our strengths that we will be most fulfilled.

   So here I am now... once again at a beautiful crossroads. The whole school thing was a noble idea but it wasn't a proper fit for me.  I believe it isn't a proper fit for many, many people who go because they think it is THE thing to do.  In my honest opinion.... THE thing to do for those people who feel like a square peg in a round hole when it comes to academics and living life based on society's view of it.... is to knock down their house of cards and start building something concrete. Something based on that which their heart has been building via their passions and their strengths.  If they stop and listen, their heart will show them the way.

    The good thing is... sometimes we need to explore all of our options before finally realizing that we need to follow a certain path. It is like the process of elimination. Some people (I wish more were like this) have so many goals and ideas that nothing really ever comes to fruition. But if one by one, they knock down certain options.... they will eventually be left with their life's work and passion. For some it is much easier and they just follow it from the beginning and are amazing at it.... but for most this is not the case. We need to explore and find the things that make us tick. When we finally fall into alignment with our 'right livelihood' it is such a relief. It is like finally being home after traveling around the world. I guess in a way some of us are just looking for some form of validation and that is ok... but if we really really listen to our hearts... they will tell us which path to follow.

    Here's to you following your passion and your life's ultimate dreams and goals. Don't give up whatever you do... and don't give in to the people who try to tell you that you can't do it. When we are passionate about something and believe in ourselves we can arrange for the proper circumstances for miracles to happen.  Our heart needs a heart-shaped hole to fit into... and that heart shaped hole is our dreams. When we follow our dreams... and believe in them with all of our heart... we will find the keys to happiness and fulfillment. Life will always be a struggle in one way or another... but when we are fulfilled... it makes us feel full of purpose and vitality.

    I cannot tell you the feeling I get now when I think of my future as a musician. In one way I have just started this journey because I have realized the one thing that I am best at and am passionately pursuing it every single day... but in another way this is just another step in the process. Life is beautiful. It is also what we make it... so stop wasting time and follow your passion. Focus on what you love, and more of it shall be added to your spectacular life. May you be blessed in all your endeavors and never give up on your dreams. Peace and Aloha my friends. Thanks for being their to make this journey even more extraordinary :)
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A Declaration

    I always kinda laughed when I would stumble upon somebody's blog where it started out something like "It's been a while since my last post..." and I thought to myself, what a familiar feeling, but I would never say that even if it had been a while. Well here I go in saying it for myself that it has been a while since my last post. One reason for that is I have been busy trying to figure out what to do with my life. Where do we go from here?

   Many suffer from boredom... but not I. Long ago I realized that the world really is our oyster, chock full of beautiful pearls of knowledge, wisdom, and experience that are ours for the taking.  The only thing we must do is invest our spirit's energy and engage our hearts and minds into whatever we do and we will get back untold riches that are not the kind we can take with us to wherever our afterlife may lead us. They are the things that nobody can ever take from us.

   So I spent many years traveling and searching for those things that had the deepest meaning to me.  I met so many wonderful and amazing people along the way... which I managed to reconnect with somehow on the wonderful world of Facebook.  I finally could keep in touch with all of those people who mean something to me. Some are friends who are like family and some I have only met briefly, but they have all had some kind of impact on my life and I suppose that's why I remember them or look for them.

   Many of them have even helped support me in one way or another in my dire times as a traveling artist/musician in the hope that it will all serve a greater purpose -- and that my person, experience and talents will go towards something great -- also simply because they genuinely care. All I can say is thank you to those people and let them know that I will certainly get them back if I ever make something of myself.  I know I have struggled along the way but I have packed so much life into these years that I really have very few regrets... and my friends and family are what I hold most dear.

   So I write this post in the first person today in a proclamation that I will most certainly make something of myself and I have finally realized what I am meant to do. It is to play music.

    Music makes me laugh. Music makes me cry. Music makes me high-five my bros. Music makes me hold my girlfriend.  Music makes me dance. Music makes me happy. Music is what I am meant to do and music gives me life. We are all musicians in one way or another. We all have a heartbeat... which gives us the most basic rhythm.   It is also known as Nyabinghi (The Heartbeat Rhythm).

   Music fascinates me -- and I almost love more just to listen to it than to make it -- but the more I realize where my talent lies, the more I realize I need to make each and every day count. There is no reason that just because I am approaching 40 (Lord help me I know many are so much older but this day came way too fast) that I can't have success in music. However, I do need to make the most of every minute. I want to leave my mark on this world and I want to make great music. Not only do I want to make great music but I want to share great music.

    So here is my proclamation to you, my friends. I will be a great musician.  By the time I am 40 I will have written and produced at least 1-2 full length albums.  I will tour the United States (including all of the Hawaiian islands of course) and Europe when I reach 40 and my music career will be on it's way. Wish me luck. It has taken me thousands of miles and many many years to finally dedicate myself to one passion or hobby (besides surfing, bodyboarding, travel, Yoga, natural health, and cycling). This is the thing I will focus on as my 'life's work'.  And many of you are a big part of why I came to that decision. Thanks so much for supporting me and my music and for the encouragement even though it is evolving and is so far less than perfect.  It will get much much better.  I have gone months and months at a time without practice because I was confused before on what I ultimately wanted to do with my life.  Not anymore.

     Stay tuned for plenty of great cover tunes as I learn from the greats. I will also be making plenty of beats, and taking some music courses. I am excited to show off my progress so watch for it. Aloha my dear family and friends. Thank you for being alive and for sharing your lives with me. Life is so short and precious. Let's live it to the fullest.

Love and Respect.

Spirit-Tech's Top 10 Electronic Music Tracks for July

   I am starting out a new column in my blog to share some of my favorite electronic artists of all-time as well as new ones I might find interesting. This is post #1 of my Spirit-Tech's top 10 Electronic Music Tracks feature and I am pleased to present these artists to you. Not much commentary here. I'll let the music speak for itself. Enjoy! Here's some of electronic music's finest laying down the beats....

Gold Panda - Same Dream China

Transglobal Underground ft. Natacha Atlas

Thievery Corporation - Until The Morning

Terranova - Chase The Blues

Stanton Warriors - Good Vibrations

Trentemoller - Moan

Royksopp ft. Robyn - The Girl and The Robot

Aphex Twin - Heliosphan

Squarepusher - Come On My Selector

Flying Lotus - Mmmhmm

What is Spirit-Tech?


Spirit-Tech is a concept that I am proposing so that many may be inspired to live in a way which enhances their spirit and their mind, and also the health of their body.

   We all have our own challenges and fluctuations of ups and downs many times in our lives, but living with a conscious mind and a healthy body will serve us well in the future.  Eating whole organic natural foods, fruits, vegetables, and teas can give us much more energy as well as an overall sense of well being. Also, getting lots of exercise and keeping our hearts and lungs healthy; proper stretching (whether it be Yoga or some other form of systematic stretching techniques) as well as keeping proper balance of the hormones  and emotions that keep us happy.  Getting outdoors is important to get plenty of vitamin D from the sun. That will keep our moods positive and our bodies feeling fresh and vibrant.

   Spirit-Tech is a way of living that emphasizes being clean, healthy, and natural,  While recognizing the spirit of all living things, and an appreciation of all of this creation. Regardless of whether we believe in a creator or not, there is most definitely a conscious force working in and through all of us and there are laws of nature which govern all things physical. 

   It is a concept that accepts anyone, wherever they are, for whoever they are. It is just a simple philosophy that means to learn passionately about everything that interests you most, and learn from everyone. Living fully because life goes by ever so quickly -- and being creative, as we all are the creators and co-creators of our own futures and destinies.  When we are in the spirit of being creative, that's when we can surprise ourselves the most with our ideas of inspiration.

   It is also the use of technology, of the physical and mind, to achieve states of awareness and to better use the tools which are available to humans for the advancement of our culture. From knowledge of technology such as computers, and musical equipment, art techniques, and modern natural medicine... to gardening and cooking and the creative process that goes into a life filled with art and music. It is the careful attention to the details of life that increase our experience immensely.

Stairway To Heaven With Nature Lover…!!! :)))

    Spirit-Tech is simply an expression and a theory. Open to interpretation and of each individual human spirit. It involves being aware of our surroundings, and the expansion of our sensitivity to life.

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Ring of Fire Earthquake Prediction by former USGS Scientist

SVG version of File:Pacific_Ring_of_Fire.png, ...

   The Ring of Fire, also known as the Pacific Ring Of Fire, is a horseshoe shaped area bordering and surrounding a major part of the Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes occur. There is also a very large amount of volcanic activity in this area that often is responsible for large earthquakes that can sometimes result in catastrophic tsunamis. It is estimated that about 90% of the world's earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire. This region is also responsible for over 80% of the world's largest earthquakes.

   According to one of the top geologists of our time, circumstances and scientific observations have been leading to the prediction of a major earthquake being imminent on the west coast of the United States.  Certain signs have been pointing to this prediction, including the massive fish kill that occurred near the coast of Redondo beach, as well as the unusual activity of certain whales near the coast of San Diego.

   Jim Berkland, a Geologist and earthquake expert who accurately predicted the 'World Series' quake of 1989 in San Francisco, and was formerly with the USGS (United States Geological Survey), is predicting a major earthquake somewhere on the west coast of the United States. He is saying that the recent string of earthquakes are all somehow related and that the clockwise cycle of the quakes along the path of the Ring of Fire leads him to believe that the next place for a big quake is most likely the west coast of North America, from California to the Pacific Northwest, between the dates of March 19-26.

    For all of us here in the United States who have been discussing the possibility of a large earthquake in California, this is a cause of great concern.  Apparently when we see signs of fish kills and beached whales as well as strange things happening with birds and other animals, we need to be aware and also prepare for disaster as it is a possibility.  Hopefully this prediction is not correct but it certainly wouldn't hurt to prepare by creating for ourselves an emergency kit with basic necessities that we may need in the event of a disaster, such as a backup of canned food and dry goods, water, and blankets. Possibly a backpack with a first-aid kit, flashlight, can-opener, cell phone charger (solar-powered if possible) and a bag or box packed with other necessary evacuation supplies and clothing.

   Although we may not be able to accurately predict disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, we can be more prepared for when things do happen.  As the world continues to experience disasters like we have never seen before, may we all be prepared in this time of confusion and sadness, and may the Earth return to a state of harmony for the benefit of those who inhabit it. May you be safe in your travels and always be prepared no matter where you are.

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Functional Pottery - Putting Art in People's Hands

What is functional pottery? It it an art? A craft? Both? Or perhaps it is something that transcends the boundaries of either category.  Functional pottery is, in my opinion: an art, a craft, a discipline, a spiritual experience, and also a way for human beings to experience first hand the creations of others in a way which brings them closer to the elements in which they were made from. It is also simply pottery which is useful, but artistic, created by human hands -- such as for eating, drinking, cooking, storing, and gardening.

   Clay is earth, and the elements that interact with clay during the process of creation via fire and a quartz conversion -- make it into something very useful. Something that people can interact with on a daily basis.

   I think when we are talking about functional pottery, it is necessary to acknowledge the Japanese contribution to the art. They have long been revered as masters of this craft. The Japanese view pottery very much as a Zen experience, and most of the people there appreciate functional pottery a great deal. Most Japanese master potters are also very wise and have practiced their craft for many years to get to the level they have achieved. They are patient and centered people that offer great insight into the world of art and the world in general.  They infuse the concepts of Zen into their work, creating shapes and creations that truly are beautiful and inspiring.

   Zen and Taoism have long been associated with fine arts and crafts and they both emphasize interacting harmoniously with the earth and all of it's inhabitants, as well as the laws of nature.  They also emphasize the spirit which has a primal need to  be creative. To be a practitioner of Zen or Tao is to be an artist. Many followers of Zen and Taoism are multi-faceted artists or artist/musicians who appreciate fully all that nature has to offer. They are artists of Calligraphy, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and also musicians of many different kinds of instruments.

   Functional pottery is a great way for artists to share the experience with everyone. To bring forth a vessel made of clay is such a great feeling. To center a dull looking ball of earth on the wheel and watch as a new creation takes form in front of your very eyes. There is something so primal about interacting with clay and fire, which makes glazes turn into a form of art-glass which coats the vessel. There is something so fulfilling about holding a handmade mug up to your mouth to sip some fresh coffee or tea. It was made by someone. Someone who cares. Someone who puts passion and spirit into what they do and create. Someone who had the desire to become an artist/craftsman in order to give the experience of art to the world.

   Nowadays in this cookie-cutter world where time moves so fast and so do the people, it is so very important to stop from time-to-time to smell the roses and to experience what we are put here to experience. Art and creativity help us tap into the spiritual side of things and it is important to have a balance within one's soul. Creating or using functional pottery can have a profound impact on people and I am one of those people who it has impacted. The feel of the glaze and the shape and the texture and color bring to life eating, drinking, and cooking -- some things that may otherwise become a fairly mundane experience.

Photographing Custom Dinnerware

   Bring art into every meal or every sip, when you use something handmade from natural earthen ingredients.  Support your local potters, and help them to keep alive the fine art and practice of one of the oldest forms of expression -- Functional Pottery.


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